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对不起 我讨厌你了
我有别的女人了 确实比你好的女人
别失望 因为我本来就是这种男人

是啊 应该这样做

对不起 我 我
走吧 要幸福
忘了我 忘了我生活
我 没关系
别担心我 离开吧

我有别的女人了 不是说了很多遍吗
你再这样的话 我现在真的要发火了啊

对我只能这样 对我说了谎
对你的心 我很清楚
我不能让你走 对不起
我 我 不要走 不要离开我
为了我 留在我身边吧
我很痛 不要担心我 回来吧

拜托 拜托不要走
拜托不要走 拜托

男:走吧~ 女:不要走~
男:要幸福~ 女:别离开我~
男:忘了我 忘了我生活

我 是的 我

拜托 拜托 拜托 拜托 别走


   We gathered for our very own HDL!!! 
 I am permanently in front of my spicy ma la pot! I really don’t mind eating at Tomato Base but not many of them take spicy food so…i had to remain where i started off…

Oily – That’s my only conclusion. 

After Dinner, we had a few rounds of games before heading towards Owl’s Brew for… 

 This! Red & White Wine. 

Oh yes…and I had 3 Cups! Erm…I was quite red and a bit giddy but still Sober. After some rounds of games, they started talking abt BGR. They asked and I shared – Nothing to hide anyway. 

Haha 我就是这样!你问我就答!不能说的当然还是不会说的啦!😉 

Very much thankful for the brother for fetching me after my drink.  


15 Points to 100 Marks

I was scanning through this article last night: 爱你的铁据 and thought maybe I can blog about it. And so here I am…

I will try to summarise the 15 pointers in English.

The article basically list down 15 evidence that shows/tells/proves to you that your boyfriend indeed love you:

  1. He can’t get enough of you. No matter how busy he is, he would still want to spend much time with you. Just 2 days without seeing you, he would start sending “I miss you” messages.

  2. His eyes can never leave you. His eyes be sending vibes of child-like-happiness whenever he is looking at you.

  3. Showing interest in your family & friends. Getting into their good book and earning himself some brownie points.

  4. He will not hesitate in bringing you to gatherings with family & friends and introduces you as his dearest one.

  5. He likes to discuss about the future & marriage life with you. This shows that he put you in mind while thinking of his future.

  6. He will curb his wants/needs while you are having uncomfortable period. To him, there is no hurry since you will one day be his.

  7. He will remember all the special dates; that includes birthday, anniversary, menstrual period etc. He will specially take note of things that you are concern with, knowing all your favourites and important details that you have mentioned.

  8. He will show care and concern over your daily life.

  9. He will be jealous over your close-guy-friends.

  10. He will want to spend quality alone time with you on special occasions.

  11. Unconditional love for you. Will not have any expectations and requests from  you. He will always be in his best form just to leave good impression every single day.

  12. He is sensitive over your emotions and understands you.

  13. To earn your trust & increase the level of reliance, he will thrive hard at work for a brighter future.

  14. No matter how much he earns, he will be willing to spend on you if it is within his capability.

  15. He expresses his interest to marry you.

Hit 1 evidence = 1 point, Hit 0.5 evidence = 0.5 point

To all the boyfriends out there, how many points do you think you earn?